NuAxess is the nation’s foremost replacement for yesterday’s unsustainable health insurance – Full medical coverage – Full healthcare cost transparency – Fully consumer driven.

NuAxess is powering the shift toward consumers taking control of their own healthcare costs and outcomes. NuAxess was founded on the belief that employers and employees hold the key in controlling these continually rising healthcare costs. The NuAxess Smart Plan is the premier self-funded health plan that focuses on employee wellness, education and engagement. As a small to medium size group employer you will better attract and retain valuable employees. You will enjoy the savings, control, transparency and freedom gained when you partner with NuAxess. Employees also reap the benefits of sharing in the affordability through a Health Savings Account, Wellness Plan, Telemedicine and much more.

The NuAxess Smart Plan Difference


Self-funded plans are operated by the employer, not a health insurance company. This gives you, as an employer, more control and allows your company to customize employee health benefits to your specific needs. With self-funded plans, NuAxess acts as the administrator of the plan.

NuAxess is a fully integrated healthcare solution that provides organizations like yours with a uniquely designed health plan offering. Our plan includes comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage coupled with a partially funded Health Savings Account (HSA), all protected by top rated reinsurance. This HSA offering is paired with a High Deductible Health Plan that keeps premiums low for both you and your employees. Additionally, your employees have access to a multitude of voluntary benefits that are sure to make them healthier and better healthcare consumers.

The NuAxess Plan demonstrates to your employees that you care about their overall health and well-being, not just your bottom line.


You get rewarded to stay healthy and when you are not healthy, you get the kind of medical care you want. You have the freedom to choose!

You get health insurance that includes comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage, along with the freedom to go to any doctor or hospital you choose.

You get money in a Health Savings Account to pay for first dollar costs such as deductibles. If you don’t use it, you keep it!

You get a health and wellness program to help you improve your health and rewards you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You get control over your healthcare options and costs.

Why Providers Need NuAxess

Care for your patients’ needs without the worry of how much or when you’ll get paid. NuAxess guarantees prompt and fair compensation. You’ll never have to chase your patients for payment again.

Get the future of Healthcare today.

Low Maximum out of Pocket

The Nuaxess Smart Plan has one of the lowest maximun out of pocket limit available. By keeping the limit low we make insurance affordable to the employee.

Open Provider Network

A network of doctors and providers should be a great resource, not a restriction. If you have health providers that you know and love, we won’t ask you to say goodbye to them.

No Medical Co-Pays

Leave your wallet at home when you go to your doctors. The Nuaxess Smart plan dose not require a copay for your doctor visit. Because we pay the doctor fairly and quickly co-pay is eliminated.

Balance Bill Protection

NuAxess protects from surprise billing, also called balance billing, if you receive a larger-than-expected bill from your health care provider.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is a unique, tax-advantaged account that can be used to pay for current or future healthcare expenses. When combined with the NuAxess Smart Plan, it offers savings and tax advantages that a traditional health plan can't duplicate.

Pharmacy Benefits

With thousands of participating pharmacies, including all major pharmacy chains, mail order, and specialty pharmacy services, access to helpful online tools and unique savings programs, NuAxess’s prescription benefits make it easy to find and manage your prescriptions


Visit a medical provider online at your convenience using your computer, tablet or smart phone 24 hours a day.

Tele-Mental Health

Connect to a mental health provider with a secure and private video consulting session from the convenience of your home.

No Co-Insurance

The NuAxess Smart Plan does require employees to cost share medical expenses. Thats right there are no coinsurance requirements from the employee.

Hearing Discounts

Receive deep discounts on hearing devices and hearing services. Get access to all name brand hearing devices.

Dental Discounts

Affordable discount dental plan can save up to 70%. No wait family dental plans to save on dental care.

Employee Portals

NuAxess provides a comprehensive employee portal giving 24/7 access to claims, HSA balances and wellness tools.